I became interested in writing at about the same time that teaching called my name. As a child, I wrote stories, which gave way to poetry during my teen and young adult life.

I’ve now settled into nonfiction writing. I’m particularly drawn to stories of people who are breaking free of traditional boundaries and expectations. I think it’s important to bring these stories to public attention, showing how it’s possible to make dramatic positive change when you challenge the status quo.

Here are a few samples of my work:

Solo Traveling – The Experience Outweighs the Fear (Great Canadian Woman, September 2020)

On this newly launched website, dedicated to all that’s great about Canadian women, I offer some tips and tricks for reducing the fear of travelling on your own.

Sean Caulfield: Art’s Role in Inspiring Thoughtful Conversations about the Coronavirus Pandemic (Galleries West, June 2020)

University of Alberta art professor Sean Caulfield uses his art to help people think twice about the information they’re receiving on social media about COVID-19.

How One Artist Captures the Night Sky in Beads (The Walrus, April 2020)

Margaret Nazon, a Gwich’in resident of Tsiighetchic, NWT, uses the traditional beading skills she learned as a girl to interpret Hubble Space Telescope images.

Taking the Reins (Edify, September 2017)

The Whitemud Equine Centre in Edmonton takes a unique approach to horses, riders, and horsemanship in their public programs.

The Enduring Power of the Poppy Seed (The Tomato, September 2016)

How Edmonton bakers and cooks use traditional knowledge of poppy seeds to inform their own creations.

Nature, Nurture (Edify, February 2010)

The story of Sara Gies and Eric Gibson, who originally brought their love of plants to the public through Axis Mundi Artistry, and now own The Little Plant Shop in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona district.