Do any of these statements describe a young person you care about? 

  • They feel they can’t be successful with reading and writing assignments no matter how hard they try.
  • They’re bored by the reading and writing assigned in school.
  • They’ve begun to think of themselves as “not that smart.” 
  • They put off doing school assignments that involve reading and writing.
  • Their marks on reading and writing assignments are dropping.
  • They’ve begun to talk about dropping out of school.

You’re worried about them. You try to help, but when you do, they get angry, and say that you just don’t understand.

If any of this sounds familiar, I’m here to help.

I’m passionate about helping young people to become powerful readers and writers. I access cutting edge research on reading and writing, and apply it on an individual basis as I get to know the students I coach.

What I Believe About Reading and Writing

Every teenager has the potential to become a skilled, engaged reader and writer.

For some youth, somewhere along the way, the reading and writing assigned at school became a chore, one they didn’t have the skill and/or the motivation to pursue. 

Maybe they weren’t taught the skills they needed to be successful. Or maybe someone assumed they’d mastered those skills, but they hadn’t.

Maybe the methods and materials their teachers used didn’t match their cultural backgrounds.

Maybe they got lost in the shuffle of a large classroom, and their teacher didn’t see or address their issues with reading and writing. 

Maybe they’re just got bored with reading and writing assignments that didn’t connect with their interests. 

No matter the reason, I can help them find their way onto the path of skilled and engaged reading and writing.