My Coaching Approach

My approach to working with young people is based on respect for who they are, and the knowledge and experience they bring  to each coaching session. I am deeply committed to helping them use their strengths to address their challenges, and joining them to celebrate their progress. 

More specifically, I will 

  • Build a relationship with them

Many teens are skeptical at first of an adult they don’t know being brought in to help them. I don’t blame them. I’m a stranger to them, after all.

So, at the start of every session, I take time to chat with them about what they’ve been doing outside of school, what interests them, what they’ve been doing since the last time we talked. Not only does this help to build a relationship, but I can hook their interests and skills into how I approach the work we do together.

  • Provide immediate help with school work while teaching them strategies they can use in future situations 

I’ll provide support for current assignments, watching and listening for strategies your teen already uses and suggesting others that may work. My goal is for them to develop a toolbox of diverse strategies they can eventually use independently.  

  • Help students identify, track, and address their personal challenges with reading and writing 

Most teens have certain areas in reading and writing that they find challenging, and which trip them up over and over again. I help them to identify these and suggest strategies for addressing these challenges.

  • Use music, art, drama, and photography in connection with reading and writing

Some teens are more interested in the arts than they are in reading and writing. I ask if they’d like to use music, art, drama and/or photography to better understand what they read and to produce more interesting writing.

  • Praise small steps towards goals and provide encouragement

Some teens have started to believe that they are failures at reading and writing, and even that they’re not very smart. They’ve heard more from their teachers about what they can’t do than what they can. I make sure to point out their progress, and praise their victories, no matter how small.

  • Connect with teachers

I’m happy to contact your teen’s teacher(s) to find out what’s  happening at school and to coordinate our approaches to their learning. 

  • Keep you in the loop

I’ll keep the lines of communication open with you about what we do during each session, progress I’m noticing, new behaviors, and challenges. I can provide a report to your and your child after each session so you can keep track of what strategies they’re learning.

If you think these approaches would help your teen to become a better reader and writer, please contact me.