Kind Words

Karen McDonald and her son Grayson McDonald

We began working with Pam when our son began Grade 9 in the hopes of providing him with extra support after a year of online learning, as well as hoping to set him up for a strong transition into high school. Our son has diagnosed moderate learning disabilities that result in school often being a source of frustration, disappointment, and conflict when it comes to homework. He does not receive additional supports through the school system and it can be challenging to meet his learning needs as parents.

We were excited to work with Pam because of her extensive experience and credentials, and her customized approach to learning. We felt hopeful that she would be a good fit to meet his unique learning needs.

Our expectations have been immeasurably exceeded by all standards. Our son has gone from complaining and arguing about his tutoring times (at the very beginning) and homework (for many years), to taking responsibility for organizing his homework, and looking forward to his time with Pam. He now takes ownership for the quality of his work, and for the first time has set goals for his marks and what he wants to achieve academically. His confidence in his academic abilities has improved, his interest in school has increased, the conflict at home related to homework has nearly disappeared, and his academic performance has improved.

Pam prepares customized materials and lessons in advance of their meetings if no homework is assigned, checks his Google Classroom account to see if work is assigned/completed, and communicates consistently and in a detailed and timely manner with parents and teachers (when appropriate).

I would highly recommend Pam’s services to other families and learners. Pam’s contributions to our son’s learning has been a remarkably positive experience for our son and our entire family.

Donna Moorgen, Justice and Solicitor General, Alberta Government with her son
Joshua Singh, U of A Business Student

Pam was a colleague of mine for a couple of years before I approached her to work with Josh.  Her enthusiasm and love for her work in educational curriculum development and instruction could not go unnoticed. 

At the time, Josh was in grade 7. It was safe to say a trip to the dentist would be preferred any day over writing stories or responses for his English course. It was at this time that I requested Pam come to my home to work with him.

Josh was skeptical of his first session. But as the session progressed, I could overhear the conversation, and it was clear that Pam was able to connect with my son on a level where he was comfortable and the conversation flowed easily. 

Pam challenged Josh with thought-provoking questions and continuously prompted him to elaborate further in his writing and with more detail.

As the sessions progressed, it became clear that Pam was more than a “tutor ” but rather, she was a mentor. Joshua began to look forward to his sessions and it was easy to see the positive effect the sessions were having on his English assignments. He no longer dreaded his assignments and there was an air of confidence and enthusiasm for his work . 

Josh’s marks increased from the high 70’s to the mid 80’s . These marks continued throughout his high school years. In fact, his English teachers would comment on how much of a leader he was in the classroom . His work was much more detailed and thought provoking. Ironically, English became one of his favourite courses.

Joshua and I cannot thank Pam enough for the difference she’s made in his academic work. Reading and writing are the building blocks for academic success. Each session was well worth Joshua’s time and also fun for him.

Scott Meunier, Associate Superintendent, Northland School Division

Pam is a consummate professional, and,  as all great teachers should, is constantly evolving. She provided service to our teaching staff at Boyle Street High School as a learning coach. Her objective was to assist staff in determination of the best differentiated learning strategies for high-risk youth. I have worked with Pam for years, and I can say I have seen nothing but down-to-earth, practical, and passionate execution of her sometimes complex duties. Pam brings years of experience, practical application, and deep theoretical knowledge together into a service that can be tailored to suit any learning environment.

Tracey Hill, mother to a grade 10-1 English Language Arts student

Pamela Young worked with my daughter as she navigated grade 10 ELA. Pam’s professionalism and approach to tutoring was meaningful, targeted, and specific, which allows her to focus specifically on what the student needs.  Pam’s strong communication skills and patience make her an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her. She worked specifically on the units dedicated to Shakespeare and poetry, but it was Pam’s assistance with overall comprehension that delivered the most results. I am confident that Pam will be a valuable asset to any student looking to improve their English and comprehension skills.

Tracey Hill